Zohar's Gelato


Zohar's Gelato

Crafting Unique Gelato

Enjoy our homemade gelato at your next event, Offering gelato and sorbet, toppings and waffle bar. Popsicles and gelato cakes

Zohar's Gelato

Sweeten Your Special Events

At Zohar's Gelato, we believe that every special occasion deserves a touch of sweetness, and that's where our gelato catering comes into play. Imagine the joy of having artisanal gelato delights served at your wedding, birthday celebration, corporate event, or any gathering that matters to you. Our gelato catering transforms events into memories, where laughter and smiles are as abundant as the scoops we serve. From setup to the very last bite, we handle every detail, ensuring that your occasion is not only sweet but also stress-free.


My family's go-to place for
celebrations! Zohar's Gelato adds a touch of magic to our special occasions. Their gelato catering has become a tradition for us, and each scoop is a memory waiting to be cherished. Thank you for making our moments even sweeter!

Emily P.